Why Should Business Owners Use Body Worn Video?

Over the years, body worn cameras have been greatly used in police and private sectors. Initially, they were very common among police officers, but today, they are greatly used even in businesses, hospitals, nightclubs, and schools. If you are  wondering how you can benefit from body worn video, this article will provide you with the answers you seek.


The following are the main reasons why you need body worn video on your business premises;


  • Reduces the number of complaints against your security personnel

One of the benefits police officers enjoy since they started using body worn videos is that there are very few complaints against them. This is because the body cameras will always record any incidents or interactions they are involved in, and therefore, people cannot make any false misconduct allegations against them. This will be the same for your security staff when you invest in body worn video. Therefore, you will only spend your money on complaints against your security and staff, which is always very expensive for your business. Using body worn video also protects your staff and your business reputation.


  • Provides stronger evidence

Body worn video footage always provides the best evidence, even during court proceedings. This is because camera footage is usually considered as an impartial witness, and in case a dispute arises, the recording is used as evidence in court. In business, many incidents can occur, including stealing or damaging property and having employees wearing body-worn cameras, which will provide you with adequate evidence before taking any further steps.


  • They help during investigations

Body worn cameras can record audio and video data that can be used during audits or when conducting investigations. When your employees have body-worn video, it is easy for them to get the necessary paperwork done within a short time. This helps you easily come up with the

facts of your audit and investigations.


  • Increases accountability

When your employees wear body-worn cameras, they record the footage of their daily activities. For this reason, in case any customer complains about the quality of services offered by your staff, it will be easy for you to find out who was attending to the needs of each of your customers. Therefore, you can tell the specific employee who did not offer your clients the quality services they deserve, which helps you increase your business’s accountability.


  • Changes the behaviours of customers

In some situations, customers are usually physically and verbally abusive to your staff, especially those that work alone. Body-worn video prevents your staff from getting verbally or physically abused since they are aware that the camera the staff are training is recording them. This makes it easy for you to dissuade abusive employees from abusing your staff, making them feel comfortable and safe in their workplace.


  • It improves customer service

Now that every employee feels accountable for their actions, they will always ensure they offer your clients the best services they deserve. Also, the body-worn video enhances the safety of your employees, which makes them increase their efficiency in their place of work. With the improvement in customer services, you are likely to boost customer retention, which is crucial for every business.



After learning the benefits of using body worn video in your business, you are likely considering investing in the body camera. However, it would help if you took all the time you need to learn how to select the right body cameras, which can be challenging for most people, especially those doing it for the first time. Research the types of body cameras available and the features to look for when choosing body worn video for your business. Contact Comvision  for assistance and recommendations.